Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Poor Baby!

Well, it happened...Greyson got his first cold. I have no idea how this happened! He hasn't been around anyone who is sick, I wash my hands like a crazy person, he's breastfeeding which is supposed to guard against this kind of thing, and when we go places he doesn't leave his carseat! But, nevertheless, the poor baby feels awful!

So, it all started on Sunday morning when he woke up sounding a little stuffy, but otherwise he was alright. Then, on Monday it was worse. He couldn't breathe, so we asked Michele (the family doc--we are so lucky to have her!) if there was anything we could give him. Unfortunately, he's so young that pretty much you can give him saline drops and suction it out (which must be the worst thing on the planet according to the reaction we get everytime we do it). At that point we didn't know that it wasn't as bad as it was going to get...

Monday night was awful! He could not breathe AT ALL and was miserable, which meant that he couldn't eat and was even more upset! He would sleep for about 5 minutes then startle awake and start screaming bloody murder! So we were awake from 12:30 am and NEVER went back to sleep! No fun at all!

On Tuesday morning we loaded up and went to the doctor's office. They said he was pretty bad and told us a few things we could try to help, and they sent off a swab to test for RSV. When we left they had worked on him for a while and suctioned a bunch out of his poor nose so he acted like he felt much better--sorry for the childless folks, this is kind of gross! haha We were all able to sleep that afternoon and last night was much better! He is still really stuffy, and the doctor said that he would be like this for the rest of the week, ugh!

I'm sad that this had to happen, but I am so thankful that it happened this week so that I can be home with him before I have to go back to work. I can't imagine how we are going to do this when I am back at school! SO not looking forward to that! There will definitely be a round of flu shots at this house, and I think I better stock up on the vitamins! Pray for our poor baby so that he can be a healthy baby by next week!

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