Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Newborn Photos

A few weeks ago, I asked the very talented Rebecca Cawley to take photos of Elizabeth and Greyson.  She did such a wonderful job on Greyson's newborn photos (holy moly my kids look alike!) that I knew these would be great, and she didn't disappoint! I love them! (You know she's good if she managed to make it look like Grey cooperated...:)

Here are a few of my favorites (including the blog header).

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Making & Reveal of Elizabeth's Room

It has taken me so long to get these photos up that I feel like this is the grand reveal on HGTV! Ha!  To say that I procrastinated a bit on Elizabeth's room is a bit of an understatement:) It was mostly finished the night before she was born (yes the night before), but it wasn't completely finished until about 2 weeks ago! My excuse is that she won't really be in there for a while anyway, right?! (This must be that whole second child thing!)

We are so fortunate to have a great family that will pitch in to help when we need it! As you look through these photos, you will see that it was truly a group effort! Everything in here was assembled by Dad, aka Gramps, and Mom, aka Nana.  Jared and Di, aka GG, painted the wall. As for me, I was the "designer" haha!

 Grey helped too:)
Di also made the sweet door hanging from the hospital and the pink canvas (below right).

The floral-ish fabric is by Waverly, and Mom and Nanny made the curtains (they look so good!).  Mom also covered the boards, and Dad is the "man with the plan" who figured out how to rig them.  He ended up mounting boards to the wall and then he used construction adhesive to attach the fabric boards on top of that.  He says removing them should be fun...hope she likes them:) 

Thank the Lord for friends because my school friend Lora hooked me up with her very talented cousin who used the Waverly fabric to make the bumper ties--yay! I bought all white bedding for the skirt and bumper, and then I have chevron and polka dot sheets in colors to match from Target. 
The E on the houndstooth fabric board is from Inscribed on Etsy (tons of cute monogrammed things). It came unfinished and I painted it with my favorite pink (Mambo Pink) spray paint--this is also the paint I used on the Ikea frame below.   
Speaking of the frame, I am IN LOVE with the print inside!  I decided to use the lyrics from Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" and I asked Erin Barrett from For the Love of Letters to do something cute.  She didn't let me down because I think this is just the cutest!
There will eventually be a bench with houndstooth cushions under the print and black sconces that I will use for toy storage, but it hasn't happened yet.  Seriously, bless her heart, this second child business slows me down! 
Here (above) is the sign that Di made for Elizabeth's hospital door.  It has her birth stats, and I just love it! She should go into business! Seriously, all of the nurses and other visitors were asking where we bought it.

I love Elizabeth's room! I kind of wish it were mine:)

Thursday, August 15, 2013


This week we spent some time in Wichita Falls visiting Nana and Nanny. While we were there Elizabeth Jane met her namesake Barbara Jane, aka Nanny.

There was lots of discussion between those two! This is totally off topic, but can we talk about how awesome Nanny looks! I can only hope that at 79 I will look half as good.

The name Elizabeth is also a family name that goes back at least 8 generations according to Nanny. It's my middle name, Nana's middle name, and it was my great grandmother, Dora's (aka Dodo), middle name.

Elizabeth Jane has a lot to live up to with both of her names! We're certainly a headstrong group of women. Pappaw liked to say it came from "Those damn Seright" genes! Haha I don't know if that's the case or not, but I hope she grows up to be every bit as headstrong and kind and smart as all those women before her.
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Isn't She Lovely...

This pretty little lady is 1 month old! I cannot believe it, and I forgot how fast these days can go.  We are in the "blur" stage where the lack of sleep and constant feeding and diaper changes all seem to blend together.  I'm desperately trying to savor all of this time because it is so fleeting. (Please note the bubbles in the top photo. She cracks me up when she blows bubbles!)

Our pretty girl is growing like crazy! I think she's finally up to Grey's birth weight these days.  She still seems so petite compared to him, but she is a little more robust than she was a few weeks ago.  We are starting to break into some of the 0-3 month clothes, but there are still a few newborn outfits that fit well (which is good since we have to get them all into the rotation before she outgrows them!).

Elizabeth is sleeping well for the most part.  She usually eats around 9 or 10 pm and then will sleep until about 2 or 3 am--which I think is pretty good! Unlike her brother who would chow down and then pass out with no problem, Elizabeth has a delicate tummy and has needed some gas drops to help her out, bless her heart. Otherwise, she is a good little baby.

Her big brother Grey has been such a good brother. He loves to give her hugs and kisses and he is a champ at helping out Mommy and giving Elizabeth her paci when she cries.  I have also figured out how to get Grey to cooperate when I want a photo...Once I start taking photos of E, Grey is right there wanting a little attention too!  Ha!  He even smiles for me! Elizabeth on the other hand is not always so happy to pose:)

We are so blessed and happy that our little family has grown!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

3 Year Stats

Grey had his 3 year check up with Dr. Conger today and he's getting so big! He was such a good boy for her and I think it had to do with being in the safari room.

Reading a little Jungle Book while we wait.

We walked in and he immediately started naming all the animals, "Mommy yook (look) there's tigers and lions and elf-a-nants (aka elephants)." I love listening to him speak. He's so grown up with the language these days (I take for granted how lucky we are that he's so verbal), so I love the little quirks like the L's that sound like Y's (my favorite is ba-yoons!-balloons) and the special names for things that he has. For example, flamingos are "mingos."

Everything was good as far as his check up was concerned. He weighs 34.2 lbs and is 3' 1.5". That puts him in the 75th % for weight and 50th % for height. Jared and I were shocked since his whole little life has been in the 25th% and below. Maybe there's hope for height?! Probably not, but one can dream:) He grew a little over 4 inches and gained 6 lbs since his 2 year check up. My first little baby is growing up!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bath Time

Elizabeth still isn't too sure about this whole bath business. Grey sure does enjoy helping give her one though! Haha He especially loves the splashing! Poor girl:)

All clean!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Play time

Grey is showing Elizabeth his new fire truck this morning. I'm not real sure she's a fan, but she's wide eyed and quiet:) He tells me she can play with it when she gets big.

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Jared was such a nice Daddy this year that he allowed Grey to "share" his birthday for his party.  It probably wasn't his favorite birthday since he had to help set up and take down a pirate bounce house (sorry about that...).

 But, I think he looks pretty happy about his day in these photos.