Monday, May 27, 2013

Big Boy Bed!

We finally did it...we converted to the toddler bed. Grey has only ever tried to escape his crib prison once, and when that ended badly (landing on his noggin), he must have resigned himself to relying on us to free him everyday. But, since I'm only getting bigger (and bigger, and bigger) as Baby E keeps growing, it was definitely time to stop lifting this big boy into a crib.
Since Grey isn't one who enjoys change, I was a little worried at his reaction, but he was SO excited!!

We practiced a little (aka I needed a photo op) so here he is pretending to sleep with a small army of friends:)

The true test for us was whether or not he'd make it all night without getting out of bed to see what we were up to. Surprisingly, he stayed all night and has so far again on night 2! I'm so proud of my big boy in his big bed! (I may have teared up a little when we took off the front...)

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Go Rangers!

Grey and his Daddy had a boys night at the Ranger game last night. It was a surprise for Grey and he was so excited! As soon as Jared told him they were going he said, "Bye Mommy we have to go to the Ranger game now!" So funny!

This is the picture I took about 5 minutes later and as you can see they were both pretty pumped!

The game went pretty late and Grey hung until a little after 9. I was impressed. The next morning we let him sleep in and he got to have donut holes before he went to Miss Terri's house. He was a happy boy!

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mamas in our lives! We had a great weekend with our family and friends!

We started out in Wichita Falls celebrating Taylor Wagoner's big 1st birthday! Grey had fun playing at the park, and I love any chance to see Lindsay and the cheek twins!

That evening after the party Nana bought Grey a kite so we did some kite flying which he absolutely LOVED! Hard to take pics of this but here are my attempts:)

Such a big boy flying it all by himself! Eventually our Spider-Man kite was eaten by a tree, but it was fun while it lasted! He kept telling me, "No Mama I can do it myself!" Such an independent little fella.

We ate dinner that night at our fave Pioneer with Nana and Uncle Blake and Tom and Nanny, Bill, and the gang. It was fun!

Sunday morning we had Mother's Day breakfast with Nanny, Nana and Gramps. Yum!

Sunday afternoon we drove back to DFW to hang out with GG and Pops. Here are our attempts at Mother's Day photos:

Serious cheese face going on here. Silly boy!

Then Grey decided he would play photographer. Here is his first attempt at a selfie.

And the pic of our selfie attempt...

I'm so proud to be this little man's Mama. He is such a sweet little handful of independence and spirit. He is always surprising me with his imagination. I can't wait for him to meet and love his baby sister so he can teach her all kinds of fun stuff! Ha!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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