Thursday, June 30, 2011

11 Months Old!

It is crazy to think that this time last year Greyson was kicking away in my belly! I can't believe that he is one month away from his 1st birthday! He is growing into his own these days, and I just know that he is on the verge of so many new and exciting milestones.

On the walking front, Grey is still doing the thing where he takes 3-4 steps and then sits down to crawl. He is so impatient (I can't imagine where he gets that so I think crawling is just more effecient for him right now.

Speaking of impatient, we are seeing more and more of his little personality now. And, Lord help us, the boy wants what he wants when he wants it!! If you don't understand what he wants, and he can't communicate it to you, he loses it! The downside to that is it's a teensy bit obnoxious (Ha!), but the upside is that we get to see the sad face, which I have mentioned, is pretty funny.

And as we have grown accustomed to, his facial expressions continue to crack us up! Where does this stuff come from?!

He is also starting to be able to imitate us. First it started out with the fake laugh. He heard us laughing one day and then started pretending to laugh whenever he wanted us to smile at him. :) Pretty funny! Then, Jared decided to try to teach him to do the Rangers antlers and claw. Well, as you can see below, he thinks he's doing it...We were pretty confused at first. We thought that his ears were hurting, or something was wrong because he just looks like he's smacking himself in the face. But, he really was trying to do the antlers. Silly boy! He cracks us up! Jared will have to think twice the next time he decides to teach him something.

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His favorite things to do this month are...

Pulling all the books off the shelves to "read" them.

Walk in his walker.

Look at himself in the mirror.

Shake anything that could possibly make noise (toys, puffs, etc.).

And, last but not least open and close (not all the way) any door he can get his hands on.

In terms of food, Grey eats what Jared refers to as a "feast" at lunch. He has a plate of veggies and fruits with oatmeal, a #3 veggie babyfood, and a bottle. He is eating all kinds of veggies: edamame, peas, potatoes, avocados etc. He also LOVES bananas and blueberries, and just recently tested out watermelon, and it was a hit! He eats pretty much the same thing at dinner too minus the oatmeal. I am still doing everything organic, and we'll see how it goes when school starts.

He is still drinking milk at each meal, but I am no longer nursing. (Is that the Hallelujah chorus I hear playing?!) Thankfully, I have enough Momscicles to last for at least the rest of the month. I am a bit of an overachiever especially when someone challenges me by saying it will be "too hard" to do. I'm really glad that I was able to do it for this long (11 months and 4 days...July 4th has added meaning this year). Now whenever he gripes about something when he gets older, I'll have even more leverage to make him feel guilty. haha

We (read:me) are so excited to start planning the big 1st birthday bash! I just can't believe he is already almost a year old! I know how cliche it sounds, but it honestly seems like I just gave birth. Our little baby is getting so big!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Who Knew?!

Who knew it would be possible to get the least artistic person in the world to paint?! But, it happened! I turned this...

Into this...

Tuesday, Aria, Morgen and I went to a painting class, and it was so much fun!

After I gave myself a break when my type A self couldn't get it to look exactly like I wanted, I really enjoyed myself! I'll definitely do this again! And, it was a great way to hang out with the ladies!

Father's Day

Jared enjoyed his first official Father's Day last weekend! (I say official, because we semi-celebrated it last year while Greyson was still cooking.) It was a great day! Father's Day happened to fall on Jimmy, AKA Pops' birthday this year, so it was a double whammy of celebration.

Unfortunately, Gramps had to work, but we talked to him on the phone, and of course, he was in the gift loop for his first Father's Day as a grandpa as well!

We started the day off at GG and Pops' house with lunch, and then some fun in the pool! It was a beautiful day outside and Greyson is becoming quite a waterbug, so we spent some time in his new floats. The little police car is hilarious!

For Father's Day, Greyson made Gramps and Pops a stepping stone with his footprint in it. Greyson really enjoyed squishing his toes into wet cement! So much so, that we got to do it a total of 4 times times for his Mom! haha I think they turned out pretty well.

Grey got his Daddy a picture frame with his footprint (I guess we went with a theme?) and some more recent pictures to put on his desk at work. He loved it!

After we opened gifts, we had cake for Pops' birthday, and Greyson tested out the icing. He wasn't so sure about it, but he kept going back in to taste it again just to be sure. :)

Happy Father's Day Jared! You are a great Daddy! We love you!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Woohoo Summer!

The summer season is agreeing with him!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

10 Months!

Greyson is 10 months old now! I can't believe that we will be celebrating his 1st birthday in 2 short months! (But, if you know me, you know that I am already planning it!) I am a bit behind on this post since it coincides with the end of the school year (woohoo!), but better late than never!

This month, Greyson finally learned to wave bye bye and clap! It is so incredibly cute! Sometimes he gets the waving backwards and it looks like he is waving at himself, but for the most part he gets his point across! When he claps, we always cheer him on and say "yea!" So, now whenever he claps he expects this response, and if we say "yea!" about anything, he promptly starts clapping. This was very confusing for him when he started waving and we cheered him on with a "Yea!" We have had to censor ourselves so that we don't confuse him on the two. I'm not sure who is training who here! (Thanks Pavlov)

He is also saying "Dada" to Jared. It's so cute because when Jared responds to it, Greyson gets all excited and smiley! He says "Mama" sometimes, but he hasn't quite got it down yet to claim it as official.

In other news, Greyson is so close to walking!! He cruises around all of the furniture, and every once in a while he will unknowingly take a couple of steps on his own without holding on to anything. He will also stand on his own for a few seconds, and I think that this must blow his mind because every time he does it, he just looks at us like, "Whoa did you just see that?!" Then, he will gingerly lower himself down to the ground. This is pretty much the only thing he does with care to his physical well being. haha He is such a bull in a china closet these days! He launches head first at everything! Which explains why he has matching bruises on both cheeks as I type this! The poor kid looks like he strategically had someone punch him right on the apples of both cheeks!

Another big moment in his 10th month was his first time in the pool! He LOVED it! He really enjoys bath time, so we figured he would like the pool too. He was a little confused at first, but after a few seconds he was so happy to be splashing around. And, like the first time Mom that I am, I coated him head to toe with sunscreen, and tried my best to put the hat on him, but he absolutely refused the hat! I don't know what happened to the kid that loved his hats during the winter!? I guess he is old enough to protest now. So, we are hoping to find him a float with a little umbrella attached to it. At Nana and Gramps' (Grandad?! Pick a name already Dad!) house, if you go out at the right time of day, they have umbrellas by the pool that shade the shallow shelf area, but at GG's house Greyson had a personal butler (Me) who held an umbrella while he was at the pool. It was pretty funny actually!

Greyson is now just below 22 lbs. so I think he will be right on track on his 1st birthday for tripling his weight. He is still nursing once a day in the mornings, but we will be ending that by his 11th month. I can't believe that I held on this long with school and everything, but I am hoping to get him used to a bottle/sippy cup by the time he goes back to his sitter in August. He is eating a ton these days, and I am trying to get him used to eating chunky food on his own. He chows down on puffs and the Cheerio-like organic things, but he just plays with the other food you put in front of him. He can't quite figure out that he is supposed to eat the banana/turkey/chicken etc. and not squish it between his fingers. He will only eat those things if I put them in his mouth. I'm wondering if he just does this for me....

Funny story to end his 10th month post: So Jared and I were starting to get worried because Greyson acted like he couldn't hold his own bottle in the evenings. He would drop it, knock it over, and act like he couldn't hold it up and then get really upset because he couldn't drink it. Well, he is learning rather quickly how to work over Mom and Dad! I asked Terri (sitter) how he was about trying it with her during the day. Turns out he has been holding his own bottle with her for quite a while now!!! Little toot! So, after learning this, I just left him alone and he still acts like he can't do it! He will literally only drink it if we hold it for him! Spoiled much?! I think so! So, this is going to be our battle this first week out of school. Keep me in your prayers! haha