Friday, June 24, 2011

Father's Day

Jared enjoyed his first official Father's Day last weekend! (I say official, because we semi-celebrated it last year while Greyson was still cooking.) It was a great day! Father's Day happened to fall on Jimmy, AKA Pops' birthday this year, so it was a double whammy of celebration.

Unfortunately, Gramps had to work, but we talked to him on the phone, and of course, he was in the gift loop for his first Father's Day as a grandpa as well!

We started the day off at GG and Pops' house with lunch, and then some fun in the pool! It was a beautiful day outside and Greyson is becoming quite a waterbug, so we spent some time in his new floats. The little police car is hilarious!

For Father's Day, Greyson made Gramps and Pops a stepping stone with his footprint in it. Greyson really enjoyed squishing his toes into wet cement! So much so, that we got to do it a total of 4 times times for his Mom! haha I think they turned out pretty well.

Grey got his Daddy a picture frame with his footprint (I guess we went with a theme?) and some more recent pictures to put on his desk at work. He loved it!

After we opened gifts, we had cake for Pops' birthday, and Greyson tested out the icing. He wasn't so sure about it, but he kept going back in to taste it again just to be sure. :)

Happy Father's Day Jared! You are a great Daddy! We love you!

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