Thursday, July 31, 2014

Our Little Fish

Grey spent the last two weeks in swimming lessons at WinKids again this year.  He's a big kid now, so he doesn't have Mom or Dad with him in the pool.  He LOVED it, but he was a bit afraid of floating.  Floating on his back turned out to be his arch nemesis, but he conquered it, and was doing so great by the end of the 2 weeks!  Way to go Grey!

She had to stand up every single day to watch her big bro and the other kids swim. She was also a huge fan of throwing all of her stuff out of the stroller so that I could pick it up for her 47, 000 times...:)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Elizabeth is 1 and Greyson is 4!!

Happy Birthday Month!!! When the calendar rolls around to July in our house that means it's time for BIRTHDAYS! Much to Greyson's dismay (we're still working on understanding this whole calendar business), Elizabeth is the first one up for celebration.

Note:  Hang in there folks, this post is set up in 3 parts. Instead of separating the events I just put it all in life this birthday business is one LONG, FUN month!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

This proud Daddy has double the love this year! Happy Father's Day to you!
Greyson has the tired/over-it face in this pic, but I CAN'T HANDLE the sweetness of the hand holding!

11 Months!

This pretty lady is 11 months old!!  My how time flies!  It is so hard to believe that one year ago today I was a huge pregnant lady waiting to meet this smiley girl.  

It may not look like it, but she is growing everyday!  This month she has mastered the speed crawl.  This girl can move! I will set her down, look away, and BAM, she's in the other room! Haha She is SO much different than her brother in the crawling department.  Grey did this awesome army crawl thing, and Elizabeth takes the traditional approach, but she moves so fast she has rug burn looking places on the tops of her feet and knees. Ha!  She pulls up to her knees, and she does what we call her "yoga move" where she will stand up and balance on her head, but so far she hasn't really tested out or attempted to walk.  Now that she is mobile, she is VERY curious about her surroundings.  So far, she has taste-tested fuzz, scraps of paper, dog food, and lord knows what else before I can sprint to get to her mouth.  Thankfully, she still has just the two teeth, so when I do the mouth sweep she can't do too much damage:) 

She is still a little piggy when it comes to meal time!  We have found out that she must be allergic to eggs.  The last 2 times she has had them she throws them right back up--yuck!  Once with Mom and Dad, and once with GG (sorry GG!). She doesn't have any trouble with things that have eggs in them, but she can't stomach the scrambled variety.  Otherwise, she chows down on everything else!  I know it will be shocking, but she seems to LOVE all forms of carbs...can't imagine where that must come from:) 

This month after we got out of school, we scheduled Elizabeth's eyelid surgery.  If you remember, she was born with a little slit in her left eyelid (you can see it below--aww tiny baby!).  Our ophthalmologist said that we would need to have it corrected in case it continued to widen as she grew older.  He said it could cause her problems later in life.     

Patiently awaiting surgery at the crack of dawn at the surgery center. 
She wasn't very happy for a few hours (understandably), but she was up and at 'em in no time at all! 
Close-up on day 2 post-op.
 Her eye is healing very quickly. This is a picture from just a couple of days afterward.

As soon as we were given the green light, Elizabeth had her very first dip in the pool!  She is a big fan of splashing, and I am a big fan of baby swim attire! Ha!  We have a few other swim outfits to debut before the summer is over.

First time in the grass!  Not too sure about this stuff. 

Okay, maybe it's not too bad. 

Love this little girl! 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Grey's Last Day at Miss Terri's

We are so unbelievably grateful to have found Miss Terri when we had Grey 4 years ago.  She has been such a blessing to our family.  We love her!  I know Grey will miss her next year when he begins pre-school, but thankfully Elizabeth has a couple more years to go with her!

Friday, May 16, 2014

9 & 10 Months!

Holy Moly I cannot believe that Elizabeth is getting so big!!  (Well, big for her:) Where did my little baby go?! ::sobs:: Since she figured out that food is delicious, she has shot up in size! I can't believe that I am already planning her birthday!

At Elizabeth's 9 month check up, we found out that she is a whopping 16 lbs (16%)! She is still a petite 25.25 inches (1%), but most importantly, this month her head is ONLY* in the 82%.  This means maybe she will get a chance to grow into all of those brains!

She is eating all kinds of fun stuff now!  Between 9-10 months, she has started eating breakfast (yogurt--which she LOVES), lunch, and dinner! She has started to eat some finger foods, and really likes avocado, scrambled eggs, carrots, corn, peas, and of course puffs.  We still spoon feed on top of the finger foods since half of it ends up in her chair.  She eats almost everything, but she is not a fan of anything that has beans in it.  Maybe she's rebelling against all of the Mexican food I consumed when she was still cooking?
9 months 

As she gets older, she and Grey are starting to be able to play together more and more.  He gets so excited to be able to play with her! She gets pretty excited too and starts squealing with delight!  She is pretty smart through, and has figured out that if I look away when she's playing with Grey that she can complain and fuss a little, and I will get on to Grey (since he can get a little rough).  She is such a stinker that now she does it just to get attention!  Already getting big brother in trouble! He was across the room once and she didn't think I was paying attention and did it! We're in trouble...
 She has also graduated to the big bath tub which makes life much easier!

The BIGGEST thing that happened this month is that Elizabeth has finally started crawling! She's still working on the speed, but she's officially mobile. Fun times: she is still pretty slow, so she dramatically cries when she can't keep up with our room changes.  For instance, if we are in the living room and Grey follows me into the kitchen, she sobs like the world has ended as she she slow-crawls her way towards us.  Hilarious and ridiculous at the same time.  She has definitely learned to work the crying angle.  Goodness gracious, she is such a drama queen sometimes!  Haha the 10 month mark has definitely brought on the personality.  As soon as you start looking at her she does the huge squinty-eyed grin like "oh hey, just kidding I'm all better now!" I am in so much trouble this summer! Ha!

She has just recently been testing out the "pretty face!"
I will have to get photos to show the comparison between
myself, Elizabeth, and Greyson.  

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

 We had the double the fun this Easter!  Grey was especially excited to help his "baby girl" with all of the egg hunting, since "she's too little this year."
Before we loaded up the circus to visit everyone, we got to spend Good Friday at home making some Easter goodies.  Grey helped me make these cupcakes, and he was so proud of himself!  (Serious warm fuzzies that he loves to help bake!) He proudly showed them off to Nana and Gramps.
 Easter #1 was in Wichita Falls with them, and here they are in their adorable little outfits.
Mom and I got pinterest-y and made some festive deviled eggs--we're still trying to get Nanny's recipe right.  
Before we had dinner Saturday, Grey went to work hunting the RIDICULOUS amount of eggs his Uncle Tom and I "hid" for him.  

 He "shared" some with Elizabeth:)
 Easter bunny goodies!
 SUPER excited to see what the Easter bunny brought him!

Easter #2 was on Easter Sunday, and we loaded up and headed to GG and Pops' house! As you can see Grey was pretty excited to get to hunt eggs for the third time!  Ha!  (he was able to hunt eggs at his daycare on Thursday--Terri is so fun!)
GG painted these amazingly adorable baskets for the kids!  I love them, and I am so excited for them to get to use them again and again! I was pretty excited about the baskets, but Grey was of course a little more concerned with the fun stuff inside!  Lots of fun Spiderman prizes!
 Adorable outfits take 2!

Happy Easter from our family to yours!