Sunday, September 14, 2014

Joy Ride

These two...

GOOOO Killer Bees!!

This Saturday Grey played in his very first soccer game!!  In a word, it was HILARIOUS!!  Also, Coach Jones has the patience of a SAINT!  He is so good with the kids. At one point, Grey kept "accidentally" tackling the other players, and Coach Jones calmly called out "Greyson, buddy, try not to grab the other kids!" Oh my goodness it was so entertaining!
Representing the team and flipping the coin!

We may have technically gotten our butts kicked, but everyone wins in under 5 soccer! Which is good since Grey defiantly announced after the game that the Killer Bees beat the Dragons! Ha! The best part of it all was that Grey was listening to the coaches so well that when they told him where to stand, he stood there like a good little soldier and watched as the ball rolled right past him! Ha!  SO funny!
Game face! BUZZZZZZZ! 

Super Fans!

#1!!  He was SO excited that was his number!

Coach Jones--the most encouraging guy ever! 

He's ready! 

Right before he took down the sweet smiley blonde kid next to him:(

Grey's game day girlie! 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Nana!

After a very LONG week of school, we loaded up the car and headed for WF to celebrate Mom's birthday weekend! It was so nice and relaxing!
 Grey got in some quality swim time...

Everyone got all geared up for the first Longhorn game of the season! Fun fact: we later found out that Elizabeth had contracted the lovely hand, foot, and mouth disease and this is more than likely the contagion point for Grey!!!!! Dang it they just love each other!

 Grey loves to help with the presents! We also discovered that he was a pretty big fan of Nana's birthday chocolate pie:)

 The next morning Dad (aka Gramps) made everyone his famous biscuits and gravy. Yum!  It was such a nice time!  Happy Birthday Mom! We love you so much!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It's been a big month of firsts for our guy!  This week we added soccer to the list! I'm not sure you would classify it as soccer exactly, maybe just running and kicking? Ha!
We got him all geared up and took him to his first practice with the Killer Bees!!  BUZZZZZZ!
Thanks Aunt Lindsay for the last minute gear advice! Jared and I may have been confused about the soccer socks situation! Haha!

Coach Jones is so great with them! He makes everything so fun, and is so encouraging.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The First Day of School

Greyson has his very first day of school this year!  He started Pre-K at McAuliffe Elementary in Highland Village, and we could not be happier! Before the big day, he was a little bit nervous, so we decided to make a big deal about how exciting it all was. (This also gave me something to do to help me stop crying about it! Gah! I am a crazy person!)

Sunday morning before the big day, we had some surprises for him! We had "special breakfast," as Grey called it, in the dining room.

 Daddy has some coloring skills! He definitely inherited that from GG.

 Then it was time for the good stuff!

 He was a little excited...

 This kid loves some SpiderMan!
Later that night we got his calendar all set so he could see what all was coming up this month.  He loves it! Thanks Nana!
The next morning it was time for the big day!!  (I managed to keep it together even through this ADORABLE photo!) I was so thankful that his first day of school was actually my first day of inservice, so it was okay for me to be late and look a little insane...
When we got to the drop off, everything was going fine, until it was time for Jared and I to leave. He kind of lost his little mind! Poor baby! But, one of his amazing teachers picked him up and carried him off to distract him so that we could leave.  This is when I basically sobbed on my way to school. But, never fear, when I picked him up he was SO HAPPY!!  He couldn't wait to go back the next day! Woohoo school!