Friday, April 18, 2014


Early morning bubbles with Daddy!

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

7 & 8 Months!

This sweet little thing has grown SO MUCH in the last two months!  Things have been so hectic around here with my debate schedule and all of the kids doctors appointments, that I never had a chance to post anything for her 7th month, so I'm combining things this month.  


Elizabeth has come a long way in terms of food!  She is a much better eater these days.  After we figured out that rice cereal was a definite no-no, we moved onto green veggies and oatmeal.  At first she literally gagged EVERY SINGLE TIME she had the first spoonful, but now she is a total pro!  She has been eating green beans, spinach, carrots, and sweet potatoes.  With Grey I always bought the little jars of organic baby food, but Aunt Morgen got me started with some homemade veggies, so I have been making Elizabeth's veggies!  I don't know why I was so intimidated by that before, but it really is so easy!  Thanks Morgen! As of last week (Spring Break! Yay!), Elizabeth is eating veggies and oatmeal at both lunch and dinner! 

YouTube Video

Riding in the grocery cart like a big girl! 

7 Months 

8 Months 


One of the biggest changes between 7 and 8 months is that she now has 2 teeth!  If you look in the picture below, they are front and center on the bottom, and goodness gracious the drool from these two teeth is intense! Ha! She is constantly chomping down on her toys and pacifiers, and sometimes me...ouch! 

Big bro playing while waiting for E's appt 

Waiting at the doctor's office


This month (the 8th month) we finally went to have Elizabeth's cranial ultrasound, so we got her latest stats.  She is weighing in at 15.6 lbs (15%), and she is 25 inches tall (4%), and her head is 18 inches (98%).  Speaking of her ultrasound, I got the phone call just last night that we are in the clear as far as problems go related to her big ol' noggin!  They said that she does not have hydrocephalus (thank The Lord), or anything else that may indicate a problem, but we are going to check again at 9 months just to make sure everything is still okay.  At the appointment with the pediatric neurologist (which I later learned was a COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY APPOINTMENT...ugh) the doctor measured both Greyson's head and mine.  Apparently, we all have big noggins!  Haha! Lots of room for all the extra large brains, right?

Grey is such a good big brother.  He loves on Elizabeth ALL THE TIME!  

These two are becoming such good buddies lately!  Greyson's favorite thing is to make Elizabeth laugh.  He loves when she's rolling around on the floor to play.  Their favorite game to play together is peek a boo.  Grey covers her up in a blanket and then rips it off (exactly like it sounds...yikes!) and she screams with giggles.  This is why she doesn't get to spend too much time on the floor with him (can you blame me?!), but when she does they love it!

Holding hands

Elizabeth has also become quite the talker this month.  I swear she knows what we are talking about and responds to us with all kinds of "ga-gas" and "AAAHHHs" and "da-dahs." Lord help us if she's as talkative as Greyson!  The only moment of silence that Jared and I get is usually around 8 pm when they are both asleep!

Spring Break!

Cheerleader pose!

Greyson is obsessed with Elizabeth's sunglasses and wants her to wear them all the time. 

Can't quite reach, but that's okay because Grey LOVES pushing her around the house!  

They wore each other out!

This photo from St. Patrick's Day CRACKS ME UP!  

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Come on Spring!

Greyson and I can't wait for the warmer weather so we can be outside!  So, as soon as it warmed up this weekend we had a picnic! He was beyond excited!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

We hope you all got treats from your sweeties!  Happy Valentine's Day from our little heartbreakers!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Big girl!

This big girl slept in her own room all night! She woke up around 4am, but went back to sleep. Yay Elizabeth!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

6 months!

Happy half a year Elizabeth! I can't believe it's been 6 months! I swear you were just born!

This month Elizabeth is hitting some major milestones. She is sitting up on her own and rolling all over the place! She is also starting to want to play with all of her cute little toys. And, she is just as chatty as ever!

She's still so tiny! She is almost up to 14 lbs (12%), she's 24.25 inches tall (3%) and her giant noggin is in the 95%! Geez! Her pediatrician wants us to have an ultrasound on her head just to make sure everything is ok (she promises it is purely precautionary, but of course my initial reaction was to completely flip out!). Knowing that Grey's head was always huge makes me a bit calmer though...

She is showing some big time interest in Minnie these days! Bless her heart because Greyson has ruined that dog for her! Minnie is terrified to go near her unless I'm holding her.

Another big moment this month is that she finally had some rice cereal...she kept it down for exactly 2 hours and then projectile vomited it all up! So we're moving on to try oatmeal instead and then, if that is a no-go, we will just go straight to green veggies! She is definitely a much pickier eater than her brother who would gobble up whatever I put in front of him!

Grey is loving that she can "play" now. He likes to bring we toys and then decide that she wants to share her toys with him...I imagine this becoming an issue as we get on through the year. ��

Such a big girl! I can't believe we're getting close to the mobile baby stage!! Yikes!

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Santa! I know him!

Our 2013 visit to Santa was a success!!!  I have to give Santa credit because he was just the sweetest man.  We decided to run up to the Denton mall because it is closest to the house, and I honestly didn't have high expectations for the Golden Triangle Santa, but he was great!  He kept waving to all the kids in line as we waited and that helped boost Grey's confidence a lot.  Grey was a little hesitant at first, but once I handed Elizabeth to the big man in red Grey let me set him down next to him. (Peer pressure/big brother protector for the win!) Grey was so happy/excited he looked like he was about to burst!

I was so happy that Grey didn't flip out that I may have teared up a bit and Santa gave me a hug…thanks Santa:) You'll notice that Elizabeth, who smiles ALL THE TIME, was not overly impressed by Santa.  Jared and I looked like a couple of crazy people trying to get them both to smile, but I figure 1)there was no crying, and 2)Grey is smiling, and 3)there was no crying…1 out of 2 kids is a win, right? It certainly beats last year!

Merry Christmas!