Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Break!!

Woohoo for Spring Break! After my last (hopefully, fingers crossed!) TFA State Debate trip to El Paso, I came home to these sweet kiddos for some fun!

We made a trip up to Gainesville to the Frank Buck Zoo, and it was AWESOME! It is the perfect size for the kids, and they absolutely loved it! If you get there when they open, you can stand in line to feed the giraffes. Grey was a little timid at first, but the second time he went with it!

 The zoo is right next to a cute little park--with a little train that wasn't running that day, which means we have to go back!  After we saw all the animals, we had a picnic in the park and played for a bit before heading up to WF to see Nana!

 Once we got to WF we spent a couple of days playing at Nana's house! We had one special rite of passage to take care of for Elizabeth. She got her ears pierced! She was so good! She was initially shocked of course, but now she doesn't have to think about it ever again! (I had mine pierced at 6 months.)

 We celebrated/drowned her sorrows at Pioneer in queso and CFS! Yum!

 Nana even got them a sandbox to play in! They LOVE IT!

Not ready to head back to reality, but it sure was fun while it lasted!

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