Monday, May 27, 2013

Big Boy Bed!

We finally did it...we converted to the toddler bed. Grey has only ever tried to escape his crib prison once, and when that ended badly (landing on his noggin), he must have resigned himself to relying on us to free him everyday. But, since I'm only getting bigger (and bigger, and bigger) as Baby E keeps growing, it was definitely time to stop lifting this big boy into a crib.
Since Grey isn't one who enjoys change, I was a little worried at his reaction, but he was SO excited!!

We practiced a little (aka I needed a photo op) so here he is pretending to sleep with a small army of friends:)

The true test for us was whether or not he'd make it all night without getting out of bed to see what we were up to. Surprisingly, he stayed all night and has so far again on night 2! I'm so proud of my big boy in his big bed! (I may have teared up a little when we took off the front...)

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