Saturday, August 10, 2013

3 Year Stats

Grey had his 3 year check up with Dr. Conger today and he's getting so big! He was such a good boy for her and I think it had to do with being in the safari room.

Reading a little Jungle Book while we wait.

We walked in and he immediately started naming all the animals, "Mommy yook (look) there's tigers and lions and elf-a-nants (aka elephants)." I love listening to him speak. He's so grown up with the language these days (I take for granted how lucky we are that he's so verbal), so I love the little quirks like the L's that sound like Y's (my favorite is ba-yoons!-balloons) and the special names for things that he has. For example, flamingos are "mingos."

Everything was good as far as his check up was concerned. He weighs 34.2 lbs and is 3' 1.5". That puts him in the 75th % for weight and 50th % for height. Jared and I were shocked since his whole little life has been in the 25th% and below. Maybe there's hope for height?! Probably not, but one can dream:) He grew a little over 4 inches and gained 6 lbs since his 2 year check up. My first little baby is growing up!

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