Monday, August 19, 2013

The Making & Reveal of Elizabeth's Room

It has taken me so long to get these photos up that I feel like this is the grand reveal on HGTV! Ha!  To say that I procrastinated a bit on Elizabeth's room is a bit of an understatement:) It was mostly finished the night before she was born (yes the night before), but it wasn't completely finished until about 2 weeks ago! My excuse is that she won't really be in there for a while anyway, right?! (This must be that whole second child thing!)

We are so fortunate to have a great family that will pitch in to help when we need it! As you look through these photos, you will see that it was truly a group effort! Everything in here was assembled by Dad, aka Gramps, and Mom, aka Nana.  Jared and Di, aka GG, painted the wall. As for me, I was the "designer" haha!

 Grey helped too:)
Di also made the sweet door hanging from the hospital and the pink canvas (below right).

The floral-ish fabric is by Waverly, and Mom and Nanny made the curtains (they look so good!).  Mom also covered the boards, and Dad is the "man with the plan" who figured out how to rig them.  He ended up mounting boards to the wall and then he used construction adhesive to attach the fabric boards on top of that.  He says removing them should be fun...hope she likes them:) 

Thank the Lord for friends because my school friend Lora hooked me up with her very talented cousin who used the Waverly fabric to make the bumper ties--yay! I bought all white bedding for the skirt and bumper, and then I have chevron and polka dot sheets in colors to match from Target. 
The E on the houndstooth fabric board is from Inscribed on Etsy (tons of cute monogrammed things). It came unfinished and I painted it with my favorite pink (Mambo Pink) spray paint--this is also the paint I used on the Ikea frame below.   
Speaking of the frame, I am IN LOVE with the print inside!  I decided to use the lyrics from Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" and I asked Erin Barrett from For the Love of Letters to do something cute.  She didn't let me down because I think this is just the cutest!
There will eventually be a bench with houndstooth cushions under the print and black sconces that I will use for toy storage, but it hasn't happened yet.  Seriously, bless her heart, this second child business slows me down! 
Here (above) is the sign that Di made for Elizabeth's hospital door.  It has her birth stats, and I just love it! She should go into business! Seriously, all of the nurses and other visitors were asking where we bought it.

I love Elizabeth's room! I kind of wish it were mine:)

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