Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh the Joys of Motherhood...OR Why I Will Never Eat Taco Bueno Again...

Where to begin dear reader...Doesn't Greyson look extra clean today? Strange question you say? Well, let me explain this mornings events.

The morning started off alright, not a lot of sleep per usual, but not too bad, the sun is shining, the baby is happy, all is right with the world...WRONG! We have been in a diaper buying dilemma this week. Greyson is almost too big for the newborn diapers, but doesn't quite fit into the size 1 diapers yet. We have been buying newborn diapers a pack at a time so that we aren't stuck with a stockpile of too small diapers. If you've ever bought diapers before, you know, as we quickly determined, that the smaller packages are a big rip off, and the big box of diapers is a much more economical choice. So, this morning we are down to the end of yet another package of newborns, so I texted Jared to pick some up on his way home. THIS IS WHERE IT ALL GOES DOWNHILL! He asked me to test out a size 1 to see if we should finally purchase the bigger size of diapers. So, I decide that right before I feed Grey that I will put him in a size 1 and then I will change it after we are done to see how it goes because this kid goes through diapers like a champ. BIG ROOKIE MISTAKE PEOPLE!

I finished feeding him, burping him, and then I took him to his room to change his clothes. I take off his diaper, and notice that WOW this is a pretty bad one, Taco Bueno is on the no-no list with coffee now... As I start to clean him up I notice, man these diapers are too big and it leaked a little, no big deal right? Then as I start wiping away at the top of his bottom, I start having to wipe higher and higher up his back until I am basically wiping his neck!!! He managed to poop ALL THE WAY up his back into his hair!!! NO ONE TOLD ME THIS WAS A POSSIBILITY! haha Luckily, the sleeper outfit he was wearing encapsulated most of the poop so it wasn't all over me yay! (I can't believe I just had to type that sentence) Fortunately for you all reading this blog I decided it would be in poor taste to document the evidence. Ha!

So, long story short, I just washed poop out of my child's hair. End of story...not so fast...As I am lifting him out of the bath tub he starts to pee all over himself AND ME! So I had to rinse him off again! If it wasn't so comical, I might cry! I know I am fully initiated into the motherhood now because instead of taking a shower myself, I just changed shirts!
Clean tushy!

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  1. I think that will still happen no matter what size the diaper is!!