Monday, July 11, 2011

Let the fun begin!

With Grey's big birthday coming up at the end of the month, I have been in planning mode for a while (truth: 2 months). Who loves to plan?! Me! I love to plan an event/party/trip, you name it! I'm a big planning dork, and I love to organize all the details. Need help?! Call me, I'm your girl! haha

So, while I promised Jared there would be nothing crazy like a petting zoo at the 1st birthday party (wouldn't that be fun though?!), I made no promises that I wouldn't get a little obsessed...I mean, come on, it's his 1st birthday for goodness sakes! (Get ready to hear this for each birthday to come....sorry Jared! He knew what he was getting when he married me!)

My very favorite part of planning any kind of event, regardless of what it is, is finding the perfect invitations. I LOVE an invitation, and am a firm believer that it sets the tone for the party. I began searching for invitations back in May, and couldn't find anything that I just loved. I knew that I wanted his party to be a milk and cookies theme, but everything I found was just sort of okay and didn't allow for much personalization. Then, as I was perusing one of my favorite blogs, Design Dazzle , I stumbled upon a cute project that was totally non-birthday related that led me to a new favorite blog, Life Sweet Life .

Sarah, of Life Sweet Life, had designed THE CUTEST invitations for her son's birthday party. I think she and I must be related or something because we have such similar taste (check out her projects they are amazing, and will probably be seen at our party!). I immediately emailed her for the details on how to get them, and she said that she would be happy to make them for me! I sent her the details and told her what the theme was and she put together the cutest graphic for the back as well. I just love them!!

I sent them out and added a little label for the back that I made using Grey's face, along with adding a red/white striped candle to the front. I'm pretty proud of them, and I think they are a hit!

The sticker with his face shows up on here as over pixelated, but I assure they are too cute in person!

Next project: party hats!

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