Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's My Party...

And, I won't smile if I don't want to!

This must have been what Greyson was thinking when we had his photo session for his 1st Birthday. The little stinker would.not.smile.at.all!! Ugh!!

We met DeEdra from Photo{e}Motion in downtown Wichita Falls early in the morning to take Grey's 1st birthday photos. DeEdra takes beautiful photos, and I had this session scheduled for a while because I knew she would do a great job. I had worked SO hard to have all the props, outfits, you name it, and none of that could make my normally sweet smiling boy give us just a hint of a smile! I even "saved" the goofy sounds that crack him up so that he would still think they were funny. He normally loses it in a fit of giggles when I say "Shooey." I even bragged to DeEdra and my Mom, who was there to help, that it never failed to make him laugh. So, the moment comes, and I do it, and he stared at me like I was crazy! I got NOTHING! No response whatsoever! It has to be what a comedian feels when no one laughs at their jokes on stage!

We tried for an hour to get him to smile. We changed outfits, played with different toys, and he even got to get messy with a smash cake, and still no smiles. Of course, what does he do the minute we get out of the car at home...smiles and laughs! He laughed and smiled the rest of the day! I could pinch him! Little stinker!

Here are some of the photos. They look so good, but just imagine how much cuter they would be with a smile!

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