Saturday, July 30, 2011

Greyson is 1!

I can't believe it, but my sweet baby boy is 1 today! I teared up just thinking about it last night. This time last year, Jared and I were so excited to meet him that we could barely sleep! What an amazing blessing this year has been! I know that everyone says this about their child, but Greyson really is the best thing that has ever happened to us. Remind me again why we waited so long?!

We snuck into Greyson's room this morning and woke him up at 7:53 am on the dot! Cheesy, I know, but I just couldn't help myself! Jared thought I was crazy, but I think it's a fun tradition to start. It was a little bright for him when the flash went off on the camera, but I assure you he was smiling :)!

Right after we got him all changed and ready for breakfast, we officially started the annual measurement inside the closet door. He wasn't too happy about it, so I didn't get any pictures, but here is one of the mark on the wall (use your imagination--Ha!).

To look back and compare how much he has grown over the last year, absolutely blows my mind! He has grown so much! I can't believe my sweet little newborn is basically a toddler! I get the emails that chart his growth, and he is officially in the toddler category! How did this happen?! I refuse to believe it! Thankfully he still wants to snuggle with me, because I don't think I could take it if he didn't, so I think I'm going to say he's still an infant :)

Speaking of growing, we went to the doctor, and Greyson is moving around so much that he lost a little weight! I need to go on that workout plan! He is weighing in at 22.5 lbs (25%), he is 29.5 inches tall (25%), and his head is measuring at 18.75 inches (90%). So, he is fulfilling our short kid prophecy, but apparently he's going to be a little Einstein with that big ole noggin'!

In other news, Greyson IS WALKING!! Nana (my Mom) says that I am being too picky and that he has been walking since June, but he is beginning to walk more than crawl these days, so I think that makes it official. He is so good! He still looks like he's drunk, but he's doing so well! He is walking all over the place! I knew it was going to happen, but it's still so funny to see it!

Greyson is still eating a ton of food! In addition to all the foods I mentioned last month, Grey is now eating all kinds of beans, eggs, waffles, raspberries, you name it! The doctor said we can give him anything we want now since we don't have any food allergies ourselves, so game on! I'm still sticking to the organic food as much as possible, but there are certain things that I draw the line at. For example, I will buy organic fruits and veggies, eggs, etc., but being a big baker, I don't think it's necessary to buy organic flour, etc. to bake things with. That just seems over the top to me, and since our family thinks I'm a little nutso with the organic, I'm trying to find a happy medium. Greyson is still drinking breastmilk since I have some frozen. I think it will last through the rest of August, and then he will start drinking regular whole milk.

He has a ton of teeth! He has four teeth on the bottom, and just got two more on top to make a grand total of 4 on top! I can't believe he has 8 teeth! It's so cute to see that toothy grin! Cracks me up!

And, much to his Daddy's delight, he seems to be turning into a lefty. I don't know when this is official, developmentally, but he picks everything up with his left hand, and more importantly to Jared, he throws everything with his left hand. Jared says he's hoping he can pitch a 93 mph fastball with that left hand, and let us retire early. We'll see...the height issue may be a problem! haha

Greyson still has the best disposition. He is such a happy baby, and he just brightens my day! I think he gets it from his Daddy. Whenever I am stressed about something (usually inconsequential), I just have to look at him and he either starts smiling, giving me the eyebrow, or he comes barrelling after me! How could you be in a bad mood after that?!

We love you Greyson, and I can't wait to celebrate you each and every year!


  1. He is such a cutie!! What a fun tradition for his birthday morning. :) Manny has such a toothy grin too...don't you just love it?! Happy belated birthday to your sweet boy! :)