Sunday, February 13, 2011

30?! Really?!

Well folks it's arrived! February 11th officially began my foray into the 30's. I have to say whenever I thought about being 30 one day, I always imagined how old I would feel, and be, in comparison to my 20's. But, it's been a great start to my third decade thus far!

I don't know if it's having a child that makes it seem irrelevant, what with all of the things to do as a distraction, or if I'm just so happy that I don't care. Either way, I'm a happy girl (woman?!), and that's all that matters!

I kissed my 20's goodbye in the style that our girlfriend group is accustomed to, with a glass of champagne! (Although, now I splurge more in my elderly years on my champagne of choice.) It was the perfect way to end a year/decade that has blessed me with so much.

My birthday fell on a Friday which I normally would have taken off of work, but seeing as how I'm a responsible adult these days (husband, kid, mortgage) I went to work! Haha read that with some sarcasm in your voice! It was a wonderful day though! Lots of birthday wishes, presents, and cupcakes delivered to school! Oh and Blake and Katherine even babysat so we could have dinner! Look at me getting crazy! Haha

Even baby Graham and his Mama sent greetings from NY!

Saturday night we had more willing babysitters (thanks GG and Pops!) and we went out with great friends! All in all I would have to say 30 is looking pretty good!

(thank you iPhone flash for the ghost face :)

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