Friday, October 1, 2010

Feeling Much Better!

I am a little slow on the updates, but Greyson is feeling so much better! I think he is finally completely over the virus (knock on wood).

We ended up only having to stay for a day and a half thanks to the WONDERFUL doctor that saw us late Friday afternoon. And, thankfully all of Greyson's Grandparents, and Uncles were able to be with us so that Jared and I didn't completely lose it about the fact that our 8 week old was in the hospital! Jimmy and Di (Pops and GG) met us Thursday when we were admitted and my Mom (the newly named "Nana") came down the next morning and spent the weekend along with the Uncles and my Dad.

After spending an entire night and day being poked and prodded and sucked dry, the nurses and doctors couldn't figure out how to clear him up well enough to breathe through his nose. Apparently babies are "obligate nose breathers" which means that they don't understand that they can breathe through their mouths. So my poor baby felt like he was suffocating when he was asleep and when he was eating. They had done the deep suction so many times trying to clear him up that his little nose started bleeding!

To monitor is oxygen levels, Greyson was hooked up to a monitor that beeped ALL night long. Whenever his level would dip below 90--100 is optimal--the monitor would sound an alarm and the nurse would rush into our room to check on him. Well, since he was sucking in so much air trying to breathe, he was a bit gassy! haha I learned that whenever Grey is tooting, stretching, and filling his diaper, he holds his breath! So after the poor nurse had been in our room every 30 minutes for the first 3 hours of the night, we decided that it would be okay for me to push the button to end the alarm as long as he was okay. :) Needless to say it was a LONG night! Since there was only one little pull out chair bed, I stayed by myself, but Jared called to check on us so much that I think he probably slept less than I did.

Finally, Nancy the day nurse--who we really liked--said that we should call in an ENT to check him out to be on the safe side. He was amazing! If you live in the Lewisville/Flower Mound area, I highly recommend him! He was so informative and explained everything that was going on in such detail that we finally understood what was really going on. His name is Dr. Bramhall and he decided to give Grey some drops that would get rid of the inflammation in his nose, and I kid you not, within an hour he was like a new baby! He could breathe and started to act like he was just fine! So, luckily, Bramhall convinced the hospital to let us go home so that we could be more comfortable. After a few days at home it was like he had never been sick!

I was already a little weepy about going back to work before Grey was sick. I was supposed to go back to work the next week, but being the overprotective new Mom that I am, I started to panic about Grey being around other kids at daycare so soon after being sick, which made the weepiness even more pitiful. So, I took one more week off, and I will go back to work on October 12th. I think it's going to be a rough day on his poor Mom! He probably won't even notice I'm gone! haha But, I'm so glad that I found a great place for him to go during the day. It is an in-home teachers-kids-only daycare, so there are just a few kids and we really like Terri, who will be taking care of him. So, keep your fingers crossed that he stays well and that I can keep it together well enough to function at school! haha

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