Wednesday, November 30, 2011

16 Months

Greyson's 16th month has been a rough one! The poor little guy was sick for pretty much all but 3 or 4 days of it. (The picture above was appropriately taken in the doctor's office.) He had 2 ear infections, a sinus infection, pink eye and allergies that just wouldn't quit! He has been on a steady regimen of antibiotics, with a daily dose of either Benadryl or Zyrtec. I am so glad we are at the age where he can get some relief from all of this with a little medicine. Needless to say, I also feel like we are solely funding the Kleenex corporation.

Aside from being afflicted with a HUGE case of the sniffles, our little guy has really taken off in the language department. He regularly says Mama, Dada, and More. He also says something close to "shoes" that sounds alot like "shish". He also repeats words to us more often now. And because of this, we had our first big OOPS where words are concerned. If you know me, you will be shocked that he wasn't repeating the word that I said! Greyson's Daddy was making a joke by repeating a word that his Uncle Tom had said, and Greyson thought it was so funny that he should say it too! Needless to say, we have severely curbed our proclivity towards the "fun" words.

It is so much fun to see Greyson's curiosity to explore things these days. He is so interested in trying to do things that we do. He loves to help load and unload the washer and dryer, and we think we may have a mild case of OCD on our hands.:) He has a particular affinity for stacking things just so. I'm so terrible because I really like to unstack and move the things that he has so carefully organized. It is hilarious to watch him restack them back just exactly as they were. You can see how he artfully stacked a few toys on the top of this paper towel roll.

Here he is inspecting Gramps' work on the icemaker repair :)

And, here is another picture of him playing with his truck. It's so funny because he puts his sippy cup in it and drives it around, and then takes a drink every so often like it's a fun game.

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