Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rolling Over & Crying It Out

If you read this blog you know Greyson has been rolling over from his tummy to his back for a while now. Well, lately he's figured out how to go from his back to his tummy! Very exciting!

Greyson has also been sleeping in his room for about a month. But, for the last week or so he decided it would be super fun to scream/yell (not cry) every hour on the hour until about 3 am EVERY night (by the way I have to get up at 5 am for school--you do the math!). So either Jared or I (mostly Jared--love him so much!!) have been getting up to check on him and make sure he's alright. We have this fear that he's going to wedge himself against the side of the bed, and both of us newbies freak out when the monitor makes it sound like he's beating the bed to death kicking it so hard! So, we made the decision to let him cry it out and see what happens.

Everyone told me how hard it would be and how upset I was going to get, but I don't think these people realize that I feel like a walking zombie from getting woken up ALL night long. So, I figured the little man could take it for a little while. Not surprisingly, he yelled at us 3 separate times for about 20-30 minutes each the first night. He never actually cried though, little stinker! I can't imagine where he gets his need for attention (ahem-cough-Jared...)! But, each night since he has gotten better and better! I'm so proud of him! He's getting so big!

BUT, now we get to the part where the title of this post comes into play! The last two mornings Jared and I have walked into his room to find this!

Needless to say the new Mom in me freaked completely out when I saw this! But he's sleeping so well this way! We will still put him to bed on his back, but I say keep on rolling little man!!

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