Monday, December 6, 2010

4 Months Old!

What?! How is that even possible!? I know I'm shocked too, Greyson! This last month has flown by! We've been so busy with Thanksgiving and now getting ready for Christmas, that it seems like Halloween was just yesterday!

Our little man has grown so much in the past month! We went to the pediatrician on his 4 month birthday, November 30th, and he now weighs in at 15 lbs., 6.5 oz., and he is 24.75 inches long! He is in the 50% for weight and height. But, he has a big noggin! He has to wear 6-9 month hats to fit him! (we're telling ourselves it's because he needs all the room for his big brain:) And, while at his appointment, the nurse made a comment that his "Daddy must be a tall man..." um, not so much, but we are taking that as a sign that Grey might still be able to hold out hope for some tall genes! Good luck buddy! I'm still waiting to grow my last couple of inches! haha

He is still obsessed with his feet! It's so funny! As soon as he remembers they are there, you can't get him to focus on anything else. We had family pictures taken, and we took some naked baby pictures, and as soon he got those socks off it was all over in the smile department! That is why his 4 month pictures (above) are so interesting! haha You basically have to surprise him so he looks up and then he goes right back to those feet.

We are still in the major drooling phase, so I feel like all we do is either change his clothes or his bib constantly! And, anything in his hands, including his hands, go straight into his mouth! Yuck! I think this means we are probably about to start teething. We'll see!
During this last month, there have been a lot of BIG firsts for Greyson! He got to go on a major shopping spree with Mom and Nana. Up until this point, he has just been to one or two stores at a time, because we didn't want to push it. He did really well though, except for in one store where we had to carry him the ENTIRE time or he would get angry and yell. Yes, I said yell! He does this thing where he isn't crying because he is upset, but he yells at us instead. (Funny for about 5 minutes...)

He also got to experience his first Thanksgiving, which I'm sure he will enjoy much more when he actually gets to taste all of the great food! Especially, Nanny and Pappaw's dressing! Yum! In Altus, he got to play with all of his cousins. Kannon and Kolson LOVE him! Kannon especially wants to hold him and love on him. SO cute! I think Kolson is waiting for him to be big enough to play. And, of course at both of the Thanksgivings he never sat down on his own, and was passed from person to person the whole time. So spoiled! :)

He also got to see a Christmas tree for the first time! Once we put up the living room tree, every time we walk by it, he stares at it like, "where did this thing come from?!" So cute! I can't wait for him to experience Christmas! I know this year he will be more interested in the wrapping paper than the gifts, but I just love the holidays so much and I hope he does too! I also can't wait to start our own traditions with him.

Another BIG first is that he is officially sleeping in his room now. So far, it's been a little rough, but not too bad overall. He likes to make sure we are still around at about 3:30 a.m. every night, but he goes back to sleep. He did really well over the break for Thanksgiving, but he had a little separation anxiety afterward (kills me!), and fussed a little more than normal. But, we seem to be better lately.

And, last but not least, we are branching out into new food territory with some rice cereal! I am such a new Mom too, because I had no idea what to buy, what kind to buy, or how much to give him! I'm so type A that I need explicit instructions for this sort of thing, so thank goodness our pediatrician gets me and told me exactly what to do. (sarcasm...) So, thankfully there are lots of people out there to clue in me! He seems to like it! It was a little like trying to spoon feed Stevie Wonder, but I figure eventually he will figure it out! Cereal was everywhere! He had it all over his belly and legs, so much for the bib! Also, the first day he ate it he conked out and slept for 2 and a half hours afterward, so we thought that maybe we should try it before bedtime. Good try Mom and Dad because apparently food at nighttime means it's party time! So, we are back to daytime feeding! haha

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