Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!  Here is our merry month at a glance!
Christmas PJ day at school! 
GG and Jingle the Elf gave us a box of Christmas books to open leading up to the big day.  This is the second year for this fun tradition, and Grey LOVES it! Every night he and Elizabeth take turns opening a book and then we read it together (or as long as Elizabeth will sit with us:).

 Miss Terri and all the ladies at daycare had a little get together too! So CUTE!
GG made this super cute door hanger for us to give Miss Terri!

A day of Christmas movies! 
Every year at Christmas, Aria, Morgen, and I and our families get together for a party! This year Jared and Grey had to stay home because poor Grey was sick AGAIN, but we had fun for them!
Yay for baby Dylan's first Christmas!!  
Porter and I are buds. Love this kid! 
Christmas Eve at GG & Pops! 

Grey and I left a note for Santa with his cookies and milk.  

Such a ham! He was very proud of himself.
Santa called GG's house on the North Pole Hotline! He was beyond thrilled! 

Hooray for cousins!  Grey loves these silly boys! 
Elizabeth made a sweet new friend! We're excited for Cassady to join the family! 

Santa came to visit!!
Elizabeth was not happy about their talk...I LOVE how funny Grey is pointing at her like "What is up with that?"
The beginning of Star Wars Christmas. 

Aunt Donna and Uncle Don! Miss E is pretty smitten with this guy.
Christmas Day at Nana & Gramps!
Santa brought the goods! 
If you look really hard at the above picture, you will see poor Nana! Everyone was so worried about Grey being well, and then she is the one who ended up getting sick on Christmas!  We all felt so terrible for her! We were sad that the rest of the family didn't want to come over and share in the sickness! Ha! (Although it should be noted that Nanny ran in and brought us some goodies for lunch! Yum dressing!) So, we took Christmas day slow.  After the kids played with their Santa toys, we had lunch and waited for Nana to feel a little better before we opened up the rest of the gifts.
Elizabeth taking her baby for a spin!

Grey LOVES his bike! 

This baby doll bed has been passed down from Nanny to Nana, then to Me, and now to Elizabeth. Such a treasure! 

Christmas present opening selfie!  No make up! Ha! 

All-in-all we had a really nice Christmas! After the big day, we were surprised to wake up on Saturday morning to a winter wonderland!  Grey was ecstatic! 

Clearly we were unprepared for snow!
We spent the rest of our snow day watching Star Wars and relaxing with Christmas Mexican Martinis!

Snuggles and Star Wars=Heaven for Grey
After everyone seemed to be sickness free, Nanny came over to hang out with us! We love our Nanny! 

Merry Christmas from our families to yours! 

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  1. The daycare bow heads!!! You're so good at documenting all this!