Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014 is in the books, and it was super fun!!  Grey is at the perfect age for all of this, and has asked us every day for a week if it was Halloween yet. We prepped for the week with some decorating, some Halloween Roseanne watching (tradition), and best of all, Grey watched Thriller and attempted some Thriller dancing (I so wish we had that on video!). 

Here are our favorite Halloween school crafts--I love that they bring this stuff home! Grey's is on the left from pre-k, and Elizabeth's is on the right from Miss Terri's. 

We counted down the days in our Halloween gear all week long. 

 Finally it was Halloween!  Jared got to dress up for a work contest, so he was the Joker all day long. Ha!
We were the whole Batman gang! I was Robin, Jared was the Joker, Grey was Batman, and Elizabeth was Cat Woman (Girl). 
Batman was SO SO excited!!  We would call him Batman when we were talking to him, and he would take his mask off and tell us, "It's only me, guys! It's Greyson!"

Everyone came to join in on the trick-or-treating!

 Jared kept scaring small children. It was glorious.
 Grey wasn't as independent this year, and needed a buddy to go to the doors with him, so we took turns. Uncle Tom secretly loved it:)
 Cat Girl was getting a little cold and tired toward the end...

We have a couple of great houses in our neighborhood that really go all out, and this one in particular is pretty awesome. The pictures don't do it justice with all the fog, scary music, and lights.  The family has teen aged kids, and they dress up with their friends and blend in to all of the decorations and jump out and scare the adults and older kids.  They're really good about trying to be sweet to the little ones.

 On our way home, we saw the craziest thing!  A hummingbird! So cool!
 Cat girl spilled her water all over herself and got rescued by her Batmen sidekicks and came home early. I think she had fun!

So after we made it back to the house Batman handed out some candy, had some of his treats, and sugar crashed like a champ on the couch. Until next year Batman! Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Carey, Always love the update and pictures.