Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Elizabeth is 15 Months!

Misty Doyle Photography(c) 
 This "big" girl is 15 months old! (Thanks again Misty for these photos of our girl!) She is now weighing in at a solid 18 lbs and 13 oz (16%), and 28 inches tall (1%). She is as sweet as she is tiny, and it is rare to find her without a smile on her face. She has a new excited vocabulary that sounds kind of like "yeah yeah" over and over again and with a "g" thrown in there.

Holding her two new favorite things: the remote (because she understands it changes the channel AND THE VOLUME), and the phone (she loves to see photos of herself).

She is THISCLOSE to walking! Jared and I, of course, worried that she wasn't walking at 15 months, but the pediatrician says she just doesn't want to yet.  She kills me! She will seriously go down into a standing squat, but won't take a step without holding on to something.
My little troll doll graduated to sink baths.  

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