Friday, May 16, 2014

9 & 10 Months!

Holy Moly I cannot believe that Elizabeth is getting so big!!  (Well, big for her:) Where did my little baby go?! ::sobs:: Since she figured out that food is delicious, she has shot up in size! I can't believe that I am already planning her birthday!

At Elizabeth's 9 month check up, we found out that she is a whopping 16 lbs (16%)! She is still a petite 25.25 inches (1%), but most importantly, this month her head is ONLY* in the 82%.  This means maybe she will get a chance to grow into all of those brains!

She is eating all kinds of fun stuff now!  Between 9-10 months, she has started eating breakfast (yogurt--which she LOVES), lunch, and dinner! She has started to eat some finger foods, and really likes avocado, scrambled eggs, carrots, corn, peas, and of course puffs.  We still spoon feed on top of the finger foods since half of it ends up in her chair.  She eats almost everything, but she is not a fan of anything that has beans in it.  Maybe she's rebelling against all of the Mexican food I consumed when she was still cooking?
9 months 

As she gets older, she and Grey are starting to be able to play together more and more.  He gets so excited to be able to play with her! She gets pretty excited too and starts squealing with delight!  She is pretty smart through, and has figured out that if I look away when she's playing with Grey that she can complain and fuss a little, and I will get on to Grey (since he can get a little rough).  She is such a stinker that now she does it just to get attention!  Already getting big brother in trouble! He was across the room once and she didn't think I was paying attention and did it! We're in trouble...
 She has also graduated to the big bath tub which makes life much easier!

The BIGGEST thing that happened this month is that Elizabeth has finally started crawling! She's still working on the speed, but she's officially mobile. Fun times: she is still pretty slow, so she dramatically cries when she can't keep up with our room changes.  For instance, if we are in the living room and Grey follows me into the kitchen, she sobs like the world has ended as she she slow-crawls her way towards us.  Hilarious and ridiculous at the same time.  She has definitely learned to work the crying angle.  Goodness gracious, she is such a drama queen sometimes!  Haha the 10 month mark has definitely brought on the personality.  As soon as you start looking at her she does the huge squinty-eyed grin like "oh hey, just kidding I'm all better now!" I am in so much trouble this summer! Ha!

She has just recently been testing out the "pretty face!"
I will have to get photos to show the comparison between
myself, Elizabeth, and Greyson.  

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