Friday, November 15, 2013

4 months

This little lady is 4 months old!  She is still the happiest little thing and I can't believe how quickly time flies!  I feel like she was born just last week!  

You might have noticed that I always refer to her on the blog as being "little"or "petite," and that is because SHE IS SO TINY! We haven't taken her to see the pediatrician since she was 6 weeks old because our doctor allowed us to go ahead and get all of her 2 month vaccines at that visit.  We finally went back to the pediatrician for her 4 month check up (photo below), and her tiny stature has been confirmed (it's not just my imagination:)!

Elizabeth is a whopping 12.5 pounds (14th percentile), and a huge 22 inches long (1st percentile?!?!), BUT, like her big brother, she has lots of brains and her head is measuring in the 85th percentile:) I cannot believe how small she is!  I know that Jared and I aren't exactly giants, but to be in the 1% for height is so funny! I think she can go ahead and cross future WNBA star off her list:) The pediatrician could see that I was concerned and let me know that if she grows even half an inch this month she will be in the 15% for height, so at least there's that.

Just to compare, at 4 months Grey was 15 lbs and 24.75 inches (50% for both). Yowza!

In other developments, she has started teething this month.  Her hands are constantly in her mouth, and she is drooling on all of her cute outfits!

She is also already starting to show signs that she has inherited her Mama's love of shoes. She is so funny about checking out her shoes and socks! She usually only does it after we get her dressed in the mornings too. These are the pictures I get when I try to take them after she's been dressed.

"Oh hey there bunny slippers!"

As she has gotten older she has started to become aware of her surroundings, and she gets really excited to see Grey and I, but she gets super pumped when Jared comes into the room.  It is some seriously heartwarming stuff. She lights up and gets all smiley and starts talking.  Oh my goodness the love is just so palpable! Warm fuzzies!

We are so much more relaxed the second time around, and that is both a good and bad thing.  Good, because I am not a crazy person and I don't sweat the small stuff like when or how to do all of the first time Mom stuff. Bad, because I am SO MUCH MORE relaxed about things like sleeping...For the first 2 1/2 months of her life she slept in a rock and play seat that was inclined to help her with reflux/colic type issues.  Now, the problem is that this was really only necessary for about a month and half, but she slept so well!!  I would have NEVER allowed Grey to do that, but for the sake of my sanity I went with it because she was sleeping.  I realized that she would eventually outgrow the rock and play (even though that seems like it will be much further in the future now) so we have been trying to get her to sleep in the pack and play (baby steps to the crib).  IT HAS BEEN SO HARD!  It's a good thing she's so cute because she is a TERRIBLE sleeper! Grey slept like a...well, a baby...and would pass out and sleep all night from very early on (8 weeks). Nothing messed up his sleep habits, so I was a little spoiled...

She has been in the pack and play for the last two weeks, and was finally getting the hang of it until the weather changed. UGH! Now she's all congested (probably going to have allergies like her big bro) and is back in the rock and play because she keeps coughing and waking herself up.  Bless her heart!  I feel so bad for her, but selfishly, I am dreading starting this all over again! At 4 months Grey was in his crib!  Second child nonchalance is a killer!  Don't let it happen to you! (You're welcome for this PSA:) To document the cute side of this sleep business, here she is snoring up a storm because of her congestion.

This month Elizabeth got to celebrate GG's birthday! She went out to eat with all of us, and slept the whole time.  Yea Elizabeth! Happy Birthday GG!

In serious news, we took her to see the ophthalmologist about her eye. If you zoom in on her photos you can see that she has a little divot/cut in her left upper eyelid (you can see it in the video above).  She was born that way (cue Lady Gaga song) and the pediatrician was worried about it since it hasn't grown together. The ophthalmologist said that it was something we need to have corrected, so we are now going to see a pediatric ophthalmologist/plastic surgeon.  I'm hoping that this is a quick and simple fix that she won't have to deal with in the future.  We go next week for her consultation, so fingers crossed!

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