Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

We had a fun filled 4th this year! It actually started for us on the 3rd. Jared and I decided at the last minute to take Grey to see the fireworks in Southlake that night. We were a little nervous about it since it was Grey's first time to see them, and also because he fell asleep on the way there (they began at 9:30 pm). We got there and woke him up just in time, and even though he was a little unsure at first ("Mommy the fireworks won't get me?" "No baby they won't get you.") he LOVED them!! Here he is all ready for the fireworks in his PJs.

Afterward we got in the car to leave and he was bubbling with excitement. I told him that we were going to get to do sparklers (aka sparkles) at GG and Pops house the next night and he talked about it for at least the next 20 minutes! Haha here is a clip of our ride home...

YouTube Video

On the 4th we spent the day at GG and Pops house with the whole family! Grey was excited to see everyone, but he was especially excited to swim with his cousins Kannon and Kolson. He thinks they're pretty awesome!

His favorite thing to do these days is jump in the pool. He did this at least 20-30 times and got to the point where he didn't want Jared to catch him. Such a big boy!

GG got him to sort of sing Happy Birthday to America (note the marshmallow bribe he's holding:) Haha he is such a stinking mess

YouTube Video

And last, but not least, we have to document the pregnancy stance. Grey is roasting marshmallows with Pops in the picture below, but you have to pay attention to the stance. He walks around with his hand on his hip/back like he's 9 months pregnant! Ha! It cracks me long as he stops doing this once I do!

We hope everyone had a happy 4th of July! Only 11 more days until we get to meet Elizabeth!

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