Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! We hope you all did too! On Saturday, we celebrated with the Carruthers' side, and Grey had a blast hunting for eggs!  His Uncles hid them for him, and thankfully with one exception, they were nice about it. He is only 2 1/2 after all!

He was really excited to show us when he found eggs! Here he is running to Nana and Gramps with his egg.

The egg in the water actually began on a float. I'm not exactly sure how he was supposed to get it, but it ended up in the water, and then Minnie got a little too excited...

...and here she is after she jumped on the float to "help."

As you can see, Grey couldn't be bothered because he was a man on a mission to find those eggs!

On Sunday morning, Grey was so happy to see what the Easter bunny brought!

Sunday afternoon was spent with the Petkoff side of the family at Uncle Keith's house.  All of the boys got tons of fun stuff! Here they are with their baskets from Aunt Donna and Uncle Don, but they also got goodies from GG & Pops and then they had an extra competitive Easter egg hunt.  Grey loves his cousins! They were cracking me up when we took this picture.  Grey is now trained to say "Cheese!" on command, but the boys were saying things like "Popsicle" and "Pickle" and Grey would repeat it back and think it was SO funny! 

After the egg hunt, Jason and Jared played baseball with the boys, and I know one little boy who was wiped out after all the festivities! He was sacked out in less than 10 minutes after we left! I would say he had a good time!

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