Monday, February 20, 2012

Grey's First 'Do

We finally agreed/had enough time and courage to brave the trip to the hair dresser for Greyson's first haircut this weekend. Admittedly, he definitely needed one, but honestly I was trying to get our money's worth. You see he has a ton of hair in the back, but on top it looks a bit like a receding hair line issue (minus the recession).

We ended up going to one of the places in Flower Mound that specializes in kids haircuts, and it was great! He was shockingly calm about the whole thing given his propensity to have random tantrums of late. He sat so still and just looked at us like "what is going on here?". The hairdresser was great too!! She talked to him about every single thing before she did it.

Here she is showing him the clippers. Jared and I were sure our luck had run out at this point, but he touched them and then was fine with it.

Some of his mullet clippings...I can't believe how much hair she was able to cut off. Who knew?!

Styling and profiling with his new 'do!

In the car on our way to get frozen yogurt (positive reinforcement--for Jared and I haha). He was so funny afterward! He kept touching his head and saying "hair?" like a question and then laughing. Too funny!

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  1. Thanks Aria! He looks so much older without his little curl in the back!