Monday, May 2, 2011

9 Months Old!

This month has flown by! We have had a very busy time these last few weeks, and Greyson has experienced many things in his 9th month of life. Some wonderful things, and some sad things that maybe I will write about one day, but life goes on and we have been happily reminded of that by our little man.

Last month he had just begun to crawl, and wow, is all I have to say for our little mobile flash! He moves like greased lightning! So far, we have been able to barricade him in one area of our living room so that I can trap him in to work in the kitchen, but I know my days are numbered! He pulls up on EVERYTHING! Pretty much as soon as he crawled he began to pull up, and now he is cruising along the couches, and just last night he took an independent step! He quickly fell down afterward, but I am beginning to see why people invest in kid leashes!! haha

He is definitely beginning to test his limits and boundaries, and he knows no fear! Which, in turn, scares his poor Mom to death! In a previous post, I talked about how he busted a lip and bled a little bit. Well, that was for amateurs! Just a week later, he was sitting in his portable seat that attaches to our kitchen table (I was putting off ordering a high chair because I, of course, want the $300 Stokke version...). He had just finished eating dinner, and I stood up, turned around and set his spoon and empty containers on the bar behind us (barely 3 feet away). When I turned back toward Greyson at the table, it was like a slow motion horror movie moment! He was STANDING in the chair and then in a split second started to swan dive head first toward the floor!! (Like I said--greased lightning!) Luckily, I caught him before he landed, but he hooked his foot on one of our kitchen chairs and brought it down with him. The chair ended up bumping me in the forehead, and landing on the right side of his face. I have never heard him cry like that in my life! So, of course, I cried right along with him! He was fine a few minutes later, but he ended up with a bruised cheek and a bit of a black eye. Poor baby! Needless to say, we now have a new high chair that locks him in with not only the seat belt, but the tray as well.

He has also started to play with Minnie! Poor, poor, Minnie...gone are the days that you can leisurely lounge about on the couch watching the world below. Greyson LOVES Minnie! If she is on the couch he bangs his hands in front of her trying to get her to play, or coax her close enough to grab. If she is brave enough to get on the floor to play, he loves to lay face down while she licks his ears and head. It is seriously adorable! He laughs so hard when she does that. I love that they get along, but unfortunately since Minnie is so small, she has toys that look like they are for Greyson, and vice versa. The dreaded toy exchange has begun, and I think I am fighting a losing battle. So far, I have managed to communicate to Minnie that Greyson's toys (with the exception of one dang ball) are off limits. As for Greyson, if it's within reach it's going in his mouth! So gross!! I have fought hard to keep them separate, but there is one toy that I gave in on...the white plastic golf ball. These are Minnie's favorite toys, and of course at $.25 a package, they are quickly becoming Greyson's as well. It's a fun game to watch them play back and forth with the ball, but Greyson is not too crazy about sharing :)

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In other cute developments, I have a little flirt on my hands! Greyson is quite the kisser these days, and he is free with the love. We didn't even know that he knew how to do that until we went home for my Pappaw's funeral, and a big group of Mom's school friends came over. They were passing Greyson around, and he loves the ladies, and literally kissed every woman in our house!! Now I understand why he is sick all the time! haha It's actually pretty cute! Here is a picture to show what I mean about the indiscriminate kissing! Our sitter's daughter Talin, who is responsible for teaching him this (probably explains why he likes pretty blonde girls) caught him in the act with a friend :)

As far as his stats from the doctor go, Greyson is weighing in at 20 lbs, 5 oz (50%), measuring 29 inches (75%!), and he still has a big noggin 18 inches (75%). He has 3 bottom teeth right in the middle, and 1 more tooth is working its way in on the top right. He is also eating 3 meals a day now, and we are moving into chunky foods. He does not like the chunks, but I am hoping that he will slowly get used to it. He gags and looks like he just ate the most disgusting thing ever. I can sympathize because I imagine it is very similar to the disgust I feel when I eat yogurt with chunks in it without knowing! Yuck!

Our doctor said that he is right on track with the babbling at this stage. He says "dada" all the time, and I think he is about to understand that this is Jared. (We've been working on it) He also says "baba" alot, and "mama". I so wish that he was saying "mama" to me, but alas, he only really says that in my direction when he is crying with his mouth closed. Sad, but cute all the same! He also has started to realize what a big voice he has! He will yell/scream just to make noise now, which is super awesome at a restaurant...yes, we are those people now!!

He is also starting to mimic us a bit more these days. We have been trying to teach him to wave, and right now he will watch us with this mesmerized look on his face while moving his hand by his side, but hopefully he will get his hand up in a few weeks. He is also starting to make all kinds of funny facial expressions. The best is when he scrunches up his nose and smiles at us. At first Jared and I were so confused about why he was doing that until Jared noticed that when I tickle or play with him I make that face! haha Oh the things we learn about ourselves! He has also been puckering his lips like he is going to whistle, and sometimes he surprises himself and actually does it. Not sure where this comes from, but it's pretty funny!
As the months go by, we just love this little guy more and more! We are so lucky to have such a sweet baby! He is so good when we go places, and he was such a little trooper this month with all of our driving to and from Wichita Falls and Tipton. He brings us such joy, and I know that we have truly been blessed. So far, I am really loving this stage, and I can't wait for what's to come!

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