Sunday, April 3, 2011

8 Months Old!

Happy 8 Months Greyson! The biggest news we have to share in this latest month is that...drum roll please...Our big boy is now a full fledged crawler! As you can see by the bruise on his noggin, he is still figuring things out which means he happily (sometimes) runs head first into the floor, the wall, the tables, his toys, and the list goes on! This all makes his poor Mom VERY nervous! I think I gasp at least once a day now! **Side Note: As I sit here typing this he just landed head-first on his toy and looked up at me and smiled! haha It looked like it hurt! At least it doesn't appear that he has inherited my dramatic tendencies! Here is another picture of the bruises on his little head. This is his tough face! He started crawling on Saturday, March 19th at approximately 6 pm. How do I remember this? If you know me, you know I did not write this down. I know this, because it happened to be during Spring Break, and we ended up spending the majority of the break with my Mom, his Nana. He had been SO CLOSE to crawling all week long. On that Saturday, Nana had just left, like 2 minutes before--no joke, and he just started crawling! We have many witnesses to the crawling. Grey's Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Blake and his girlfriend Katherine were all present for the momentous occasion. And, let me tell you, life hasn't been the same since! The boy is EVERYWHERE these days! I set him down, and turn around, and he is already across the room! Gone are the days where I could set him down to play while I do fun stuff like laundry. Oh no, no more of that! I have to put him in the jumper, or I have to put him in baby jail (as Jared likes to call it). (Baby jail, also known as, the Pack N' Play.) Luckily, now that Uncle Tom lives in Lewisville, he comes to visit in the evenings, and I can count on him to play with Greyson while I make everyone dinner. I think Tom's definitely making good on the deal! Greyson now has not one, but two teeth! They are both lower teeth, and there is a space between them, so I don't think you would say he has his two front teeth yet, more like he will eventually have 3 front teeth. If you look close, you can see them in this picture.

So far, he hasn't had any trouble with them that we can see. He just continues to nosh on everything he can get his hands on. Here is a picture of him crawling to the flowerbed, where he attempted to eat some mulch! Yuck!! Speaking of crawling and teething, we are in definite need of some baby proofing now! He has made attempts at our lamp cords, Minnie's dog food, you name it! I will be making a Babies R Us run for all the fun baby proofing gadgets in the next few days.

In other developments, Grey is babbling with the best of them! He is so funny with the "talking" these days. He is just on the cusp of saying "Dada" and meaning it. Whenever you say anything about Daddy, he turns to look for him, and he says Dada constantly, so I know he will connect the two pretty soon. He has said "Mama" lately, but I think I'm listening for it a bit too anxiously. Ha! I don't think he is actually anywhere near getting that one down, but one day he'll get it. He tends to "talk" to his toys as he is playing with them. It's pretty cute! He gets so excited and will talk and talk and talk, and then he looks around to see if you are watching him. As soon as you catch him, he starts smiling, and slapping the ground so excited! It's very entertaining!

In terms of food, he is eating so much these days! He is still having milk 3-4 times a day, and he is eating cereal/oatmeal for breakfast, a fruit, veggie, and more cereal/oatmeal for lunch, and a fruit or veggie for dinner. Eventually, later this month, we will have a full blown meal at dinner. I am working him up to the soft foods he can feed himself like avocado and banana, but that may take a while. I've tried giving him mashed potatoes and mashed beans, but he didn't want any part of that at all. He gave me the worst looking face ever! It was hilarious! I'll have to try to get a picture of that one. It's so cute when he looks at me like I've lost it! haha Oh just wait little man, there are years to come of that face I'm sure of it! So far, he really loves the peas and brown rice combo, and the squash and turkey combo. He also LOVES anything with blueberries! He has had the pear/blueberry and apple/blueberry combo, and he literally lunges at the spoon! That's my boy! Here is a picture of him dining al fresco last night. It was so nice outside, and he seemed to really enjoy it! The only downside to eating so many meals is that Greyson tends to get a bit restless. He is so good some days, and just takes care of business and eats his meal. Other days, okay that means most days, he is turning sideways, pushing his chair around, and trying to lean back instead of eating. It's like he finally discovered the world around him as soon as I put a spoon in front of him

Finally, he was sick AGAIN, and of course that means that we were all sick AGAIN! Yuck! He and I had a round of antibiotics, but he also got his first inhaler. It has a long chamber on it, with a face mask to make sure he gets the medicine. He does not like it at all! If you can catch him in a good mood, he will let you do it for a few seconds without trying to get away, but I'm not sure how effective the inhaler is with all the moving around he does. Oh well, he didn't really seem to need it more than a couple of times. Hopefully, the warmer weather will allow us to break the sickness cycle! Here's to hoping for a healthy 8th month!


  1. I can't see any pictures of cute crawling Greyson.

  2. Dang! Picasa is not working for apple products for some reason. I can see them on windows, but not on my phone. Ugh! I'll have to figure out what's happening.