Monday, January 3, 2011

Greyson is 5 Months Old!

This handsome devil is 5 months old as of December 30th! I'm a little behind on the updates because we were SO busy over the Christmas break (update to follow)!

He is growing so much both physically and mentally! He is VERY aware of his surroundings these days which means that it's getting more and more difficult to leave the room now. On some days he is perfectly happy to entertain himself for a few minutes while I do exciting things like empty the dishwasher, but then we have the days where if I walk out of view for a minute he loses it! The poor kid goes into the sad face/ugly cry--which is adorable! (I'm a terrible mother! That face is the greatest!) I will try to get a picture of the sad face for the blog, because it is one we are going to want to document for the future!

On the other hand, when we walk into the room and head toward him, he gets so excited! It's like we have just made his day! It is the greatest feeling in the world to see someone get so excited and happy just to see your face! He has also started to giggle and laugh like crazy! Greatest. sound. ever. in. the. world! On the show Inside the Actors Studio with host James Lipton, I always thought it was beyond cheesy when people would answer the question survey at the end of the show and say that their favorite sound was their child's laugh...well add me to the cheesy list! I can't explain it! It must be a parent thing because it is like an instant shot of endorphins! I am smiling just thinking about his little giggle! It kills me!!

Greyson is also getting much better with his hands. He can actually grab and play with his toys for the most part, which means they all go in his mouth...He also does this thing where he will hold your face with both of his hands. It melts my heart! He just holds your face and studies it like he is trying to memorize the freckles on your nose. The only thing is that sometimes he gets really excited and wants to play so he starts to squeeze and pinch you with his little fingernails! Ouch!

He can't quite sit up on his own yet, and since he still tries to play with his toys, he gets a little frustrated when he can't make it work. So, Nana is a genius, and figured out that we should put him in his "boat"with some toys. The "boat" is his bathtub with a blanket on top of it. He loves it! He likes to grab things and then figure out how to drop them over the side.

Greyson has also started growling...What is that about?! It's hilarious, and he thinks it's pretty funny too! He growls, and then he also does this crazy demon voice sound. Jared asked me if we needed to rename him Damon, but then he decided he sounds more like a T-Rex. So, now whenever he goes into the crazy voice, Jared calls him G-Rex.

Here is some video of the "boat" and the growl in combination! Enjoy!

YouTube Video

He is also rolling over like crazy! He still consistently flips over onto his belly during the night, but now he is rolling in order to get to things! Here is a picture from last night where I walked into the kitchen, threw something in the trash, came back and he had rolled from the play mat to the TV cabinet! I know it's hard to tell, but that is about 4-5 feet away! I was amazed that he had moved so quickly, and at the same time, horrified that he may have bonked himself on the head. When I went to pick him up, I found that he was perfectly fine, and had a death grip on the Playstation. Like father, like son! I know I am going to be a crazy woman when he gets mobile! Everything is going to be covered in bubble wrap at our house! :)

Here is another example of his rolling exploits!

He is still crazy about his feet, but now it's mostly because everything he grabs goes straight into his mouth! I am constantly wiping off his hands and handing him teethers to chew on. We can't feel any teeth in there, but they can't be too far off with the amount of drool and chewing going on these days!

Other than that, he is still eating his cereal one time a day, and I swear he has gained a pound at least! That carseat is getting pretty heavy! I'm not sure when we will start solids, but he is still nursing and seems to be doing well with that. So, we will have to check with the pediatrician at our next appointment. I'm sure I will report back! :)

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